Adult zebrafish

Zebrafish as a model system

In addition to its rapid and extern development, the zebrafish, a fresh water fish originally from India is a popular model system for developmental and genetic studies.
A direct result of the advantageous that this species has, a huge amount of data has been produced as genomic, proteomic, behavioral as well as images.

Gene Expression Managment System (GEMS)

This resource contains 3D patterns of gene expression during zebrafish development. The visualization of the gene expression is accomplished through In Situ hybridization (ISH) and based on an ISH protocol specifically developed for zebrafish: zebraFISH (Welten et al, 2006). Images of these 3D patterns are acquired using Confocal Laser Scanner Microscopy (CLSM). The 3D images are annotated with formal ontologies i.e. the Gene Ontology (GO) and the Developmental Anatomy Ontology of Zebrafish (DAOZ) and are stored in the GEMS; a Java-based application. GEMS could be considered as a content management system where the content in this case is the 3D patterns of gene expression and there annotations, experimental conditions (cf. zebraFISH protocol) as well as imaging conditions.

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Last modified: November 2010.