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HCIProject Timeline Quiz

Welcome to the HCIProject Timeline Quiz. This site will give you an interactive overview over the HCI project that is part of the HCI course at Leiden University. The aim of the practical assignment is to get acquainted with all aspects the interface/interaction development process; from interface design up to actual implementation and testing. The project is completed in a team of 2 persons and supervised by an assistant. This site presents the main steps of the development as well as the outcome of such projects in the past in form of an interactive timeline.

Visit the menu points, read the information and answer the questions to proceed through the timeline. Use the arrow to navigate the timeline. After answering the questions correctly you will find videos demonstrating the final products in the last column. Note that you find official information about how to realize your own HCI project on the HCI website.

  • iSing Idea
    PlateDesigner Idea
    OpenMic Idea
    HeadPointer Idea
  • iSing PaperDesign
    PlateDesigner PaperDesign
    OpenMic PaperDesign
    HeadPointer PaperDesign
  • iSing Prototype
    PlateDesigner Prototype
    OpenMic Prototype
    HeadPointer Prototype
  • iSing UserEvaluation
    PlateDesigner UserEvaluation
    OpenMic UserEvaluation
    HeadPointer UserEvaluation
  • iSing FinalProduct
    PlateDesigner FinalProduct
    OpenMic FinalProduct
    HeadPointer FinalProduct

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