Imaging & BioInformatics Publications (Selected)

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Paulus, E., Burie, JC., Verbeek F.J. (2023)
Text Line Extraction Strategy for Palm Leaf Manuscripts.
Pattern Recognition Letters (DOI: 10.1016/j.patrec.2023.08.007)

Kurchaba, S., van Vliet, J., Verbeek, F.J., Veenman, C.J. (2023)
Anomalous NO2 emitting ship detection with TROPOMI satellite data and machine learning.
Remote Sensing of Environment. Volume 297, DOI: 10.1016/j.rse.2023.113761

Tang, A., Lv, L., Javanmardi, S., Wang, Y., Fan, J., Verbeek. F.J. Xiao, G. (2023)
Nanoparticle Image Synthesis and Modified BlendMask Instance Segmentation for Automated Phenotyping.
IEEE Transactionc on Medical Imaging. Vol. X, No. xx, 2023

Li, C., Yiu, WWC., Hu, W.,Cao L., Verbeek, FJ. (2023)
A Feature Weighted Tracking Method for 3D Neutrophils in Time-lapse Microscopy
Proc. 2022 IEEE Int. Conf. on Bioinformatics and Biomedicine (BIBM), Las Vegas, NV, USA, 2022, pp. 2196-2202, DOI: 10.1109/BIBM55620.2022.9995160.

Jahanbanifard M., Price, E., González, B.A., Raggi,L.A., Javanmardi, S., Lens, F., Gradendeel, B., Espinoza E., Verbeek F.J.(20203)
A novel method to analyse DART TOFMS spectra based on Convolutional Neural Networks: A case study on methanol extracts of wool fibres from endangered camelids
Int. Journal Mass Spectrometry (April 2023); DOI: 10.1016/j.ijms.2023.117050

Li, J., He, J., Long, J., Wang, C., Kers, J., Verbeek, F.J. (2023)
Foreground Extraction in Histo-Pathological Image by Combining Mathematical Morphology Operations and U-Net.
In Proceedings of the 16th Int. Joint Conf. on Biomedical Engineering Systems and Technologies - Volume 2: BIOIMAGING, pgs 146-153. DOI:10.5220/0011803500003414

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Chen Li, C., Polling M.,Cao L., Gravendeel B., Verbeek FJ.(2022)
Analysis of Automatic Image Classification Methods for Urticaceae Pollen Classification.
Necurocomputing (accepted Nov. 2022)

Kurchaba S., van Vliet J.,Verbeek FJ., Meulman JJ., Veenman CJ.(2022)
Supervised segmentation of NO2 plumes from individual ships using TROPOMI satellite data.
Remote Sensing (accepted Nov. 2022).

Javanmardi, S., Latif, AF.,Sadeghi, MT., Jahanbanifard, M., Bonsangue, M., Verbeek, FJ.(2022)
Caps Captioning: A Modern Image Captioning Approach Based on Improved Capsule Network.
Sensors 2022, 22(21), 8376;

Wang, X., Du, Y., Verberne S., Verbeek, FJ. (2022)
Improving Weakly Supervised Phrase Grounding via Visual Representation Contextualization with Contrastive Learning.
Applied Intelligence (Accepted October 2022, In press)

Cao, L., Schoenmaker, L.,Schwach, V, Ten Den. SA.,Passier, R., Verbeek, FJ.(2022)
Automated sarcomere structure analysis for studying cardiotoxicity in human pluripotent stem cell-derived cardiomyocytes.
Microscopy and Microanalysis (Accepted October 2022)

Wang, X., Du, Y., Verberne S., Verbeek, FJ. (2022)
Fine-Grained Label Learning in Object Detection with Weak Supervision of Captions.
Mutimedia Tools and Applications (Accepted july 2022)

Brinkmann, G.G., Rietveld, K.F.D., Verbeek F.J., Takes, F.W. (2022)
Real-Time Interactive Visualization of Large Networks on a Tiled Display System.
Displays, Volume 73, 2022, 102164, ISSN 0141-9382,

Duan, F., Rietveld, K.F.D., Lamers, G.E.M., Verbeek,F.J.(2022)
Real-Time Interactive Visualization of 3D Models from Bioimaging in a Holographic Pyramid.
Proceedings 4th International Conference on Advances in Computer Vision, Image and Virtualization (CVIV 2022)
Suzhou China, 2022 (Accepted)

Xue Wang (2022)
Multi Modal Representation Learning and Cross-Modal Semantic Matching.
PhD Thesis, Leiden University (June 2022)

Antonios Somarakis (2022)
Visual Analytics for Spatially Resolved Omics Data at Single Cell Resolution:
Methods & Applications.
PhD Thesis, Leiden University (January 2022)

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Miraei Ashtiani, S-H, Javanmardi, S., Jahanbanifard, M.m , Martynenko, A., Verbeek, FJ.(2021)
Detection of Mulberry Ripeness Stages Using Deep Learning Models.
IEEE Access 9, 100380-100394

Paulus, E., Burie, JC., Verbeek, FJ. (2021)
Binarization Strategy using Multiple Convolutional Autoencoder Network for Old Sundanese Manuscript Images.
Proceedings ICDAR 2021, Lausanne (September 2021), Springer LNCS Vol 129117.

Elmahdy, MS., Beljaards, L., Yousefi, S., Sokooti, H., Verbeek, FJ., van der Heide, UA., Staring, M.(2021)
Joint Registration and Segmentation via Multi-Task Learning for Adaptive Radiotherapy of Prostate Cancer
IEEE Access, June 2021, Doi 10.1109/ACCESS.2021.3091011

Mast, D., de Vries, S.I., Broekens, J.D., Verbeek, F.J. (2021)
The Participant Journey Map: Understanding the Design of Interactive Augmented Play Spaces
Frontiers in Computer Science 3, 45

Polling, M., Li, C., Cao, L., Verbeek, F.J., de Weger, L., Belmonte, J., De Linares, C., Willemse, J., de Boer, H., Gravendeel, B. (2021)
Neural networks for increased accuracy of allergenic pollen monitoring.
Scientific Reports 11 (1), 1-10.

Pierson, J., Robinson, SC, Boddington, P., Chazerand, P., Kerr, A., Milan, S., Verbeek, FJ., Kutterer C., Nerantzi, E., Aconstantinesei IC (2021)
AI4People 2020: AI in Media and Technology Sector: Opportunities, Risks, Requirements and Recommendations
Atomium European Institute for Science, Media and Democracy.

Chen, Y., Verbeek, F.J., Wolstencroft, K.J. (2021)
Establishing A Consensus for the Hallmarks of Cancer based on Gene Ontology and Pathway Annotations.
BMC BioInformatics 2021, Vol. 22, Art#178

Javanmardi, S., Miraei Ashtiani, S-H, Verbeek, FJ., Martynenko, A. (2021)
Computer-vision classification of corn seed varieties using deep convolutional neural network.
Journal of Stored Products Research, Vol 92 (May 2021)

Stork. L, Weber, W., van der Herik, H.J., Plaat, ,A., Verbeek, F.J., Wolstencroft K.J. (2021)
Large-scale zero-shot learning in the wild: Classifying zoological illustrations
Ecological Informatics Vol 62, (May 2021)

Hu, W., van Steijn, L., Li, C., Verbeek, FJ., Cao, L., Merks, RMH., Spaink, HP (2021)
A novel function of TLR2 and MyD88 in the regulation of leukocyte cell migration behavior during wounding in zebrafish larvae.
Frontiers in Cell and Developmental Biology (February 2021)

Verbeek. FJ, Cao, L.(2021)
L-systems from 3D-imaging of phenotypes of arborized structures.
In: A Moasaic of Computational Topics: from Classical to Novel (Eds. M ter Beek et al.), pp 327–345,
DOI 10.3233/STAL200004

Wanbin Hu (2021)
The Function of Toll-like receptor 2 in Infection and Inflammation.
PhD Thesis, Leiden University (December 2021)

L. van Steijn (2021)
Insights from modeling metabolism and amoboid cell motility in the immune system.
PhD Thesis, Leiden University (July 2021)

L. Stork (2021)
Knowledge Extraction from Archives of Natural History Collections.
PhD Thesis, Leiden University (July 2021)

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Tang, X., Spaink, HAJ, van WIjk, RC., Verbeek, FJ.(2020)
Segmentation-driven Optimization for Iterative Reconstruction in Optical Projection Tomography: An Exploration.
IEEE Transactions on Computational Imaging (Accepted October 2020)

Cao, L., van der Meer, A., Passier, R., Verbeek, F.J.(2020)
High Throughput Image Analysis for Cardiotoxicity Study using Human Pluripotent Stem Cell-Derived Cardiomyocytes.
Cell Immunology Journal (Accepted September 2020)

Jahanbanifard, M., Beckers, V., Koch, G., Beeckman, H., Gravendeel, B., Verbeek, FJ, Baas, P., Priester, C., Lens F.,(2020)
Description of wood anatomical characters of Diospyros and its close relatives (Ebenaceae).
IAWA Journal 2020, pp 1-43.

Zammit, A., Helwerda, L.S, Oltshoorn, R., Verbeek, F.J., Gultyaev A.P. (2020)
A database of flavivirus RNA structures with a search algorithm for pseudoknots and triple base interactions.
BioInformatics, 1-7, 2020,

van Wijk, R.C., Hu, W., Dijkema S.H., van den Berg, DJ., Liu, J., Bahi, R., Verbeek, F.J., Simonsson, U.S.H., Spaink H.P., van der Graaf, P.H., Krekels E.H.J.(2020)
Anti-tuberculosis effect of isoniazid scales accurately from zebrafish to humans.
British Journal of Pharmacology (2020), Accepted.

Verbeek. FJ, Cao, L.(2020)
L-systems from 3D-imaging of phenotypes of arborized structures.
Fundamenta Informaticae 175 (2020) pp 327–345, DOI 10.3233/FI-2020-1940.

Duan, F., Rietveld, KFD, Verbeek, FJ. (2020)
Interactive visualization of complex three-dimensional models: case study in zebrafish.
Proceedings IHCI 2020. Accepted.

Duan, F., Lamers, GEM, Rietveld, KFD, Verbeek, FJ. (2020)
Interactive visualization of 3D biological model in holographic pyramid.
Proceedings ESCS 2020.

Lens, F., Liang, C., Guo, Y., Tang, X., Jahanbanifard, M., Correa da Silva Soares, F., Ceccantini, G., Verbeek, F.J. (2020)
Computer assisted timber identification based on features extracted from microscopic wood sections.
IAWA Journal (July 2020), DOI 10.1163-22941932-bja10029

Martorelli, I., Helwerda L.S., Kerkvliet, J., Gomes, S.I.F., Nuytinck, J., van der Werff, C.R.A., Ramackers, G.J.,
Gultyaev, A.P., Merckx, V.S.F.T., Verbeek F.J. (2020)
Fungal meta-barcoding data integration framework for the MycoDiversity DataBase (MDDB)
Journal of Integrative BioInformatics (2020) Vol 17,#1, pp 1-26. DOI 10.1515/jib-2019-0046

Beljaards L., Elmahdym, M., Verbeek., F.J., Staring, M. (2020)
A Cross-Stitch Architecture for Joint Registration and Segmentation in Adaptive Radiotherapy.
Proceedings Medical Imaging and Deep Learning (MIDL 2020),
Proceedings Marchine Learning Research; PMLR 121:62-74

Guo, Y., Verbeek, F.J., Yang, G. (2020)
Probabilistic Inference for Camera Calibration in Light Microscopy under Circular Motion.
Proceedings International Symposium on BioMedical Imaging (ISBI),
Iowa Arpil 2020, IEEE Proc. DOI 10.1109/ISBI45749.2020.9098432

Cao, L., van der Meer, A., Verbeek, F.J., Passier, R. (2020)
Automated image analysis system for studying cardiotoxicity in human pluripotent stem cell-Derived cardiomyocytes.
BMC BioInformatics 2020; Vol 21, Art# 187.

X. Tang (2020)
Computational Optimization of Optical Projection Tomography for 3D Image Analysis.
PhD Thesis, Leiden University (June 2020)

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Stork,L., Weber, A., van den Herik, H.J., Plaat, A., Verbeek, F.J. Wolstencroft K. (2019)
Automated Semantic Annotation of Species Names in Handwritten Texts
In: Proceedings ECIR 2019.

van Steijn, L., Verbeek, F.J., Spaink, H.P., Merks, R.M.H. (2019)
Predicting Metabolism from Gene Expression in an Improved Whole-Genome Metabolic Network Model of Danio rerio.
Zebrafish, zeb.2018.1712–15.

Dekker, L., Peeperkorn, M., Liu D., Verbeek, F.J. (2019)
An alternative Interaction Paradigm for DNA-Sequence Data.
Proceedings of the IADIS International Conference Interfaces and Human Computer Interaction 2019 part of MCCSIS 2019) (eds. Katherine Blashki and Yingcai Xiao); pp. 343-347

Papagiannis, A., Liu D., Zammit, A., Gultyaev A.P., Verbeek, F.J. (2019)
Interacting with RNA secondary structure through sonification.
Proceedings of the IADIS International Conference Interfaces and Human Computer Interaction 2019 part of MCCSIS 2019) (eds. Katherine Blashki and Yingcai Xiao); pp. 43-49

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van Rooijen, A., Bouma H., Verbeek, FJ. (2018)
Fast and accurate person re-identification with Xception Conv-Net and C2F
In: Proceedings CIARP 2018; Madrid 2018, LNCS Vol. 11401, pp 611-619 Spinger.

Guo, Y., Xiong, Z., Verbeek FJ. (2018)
An efficient and robust hybrid method for segmentation of zebrafish objects from bright-field microscope images.
Machine Vision and Applications,

van Vreumingen, D., Tewari, T., Verbeek, FJ., van Ruitenbeek JM (2018)
Towards controlled single-molecule manipulation using real-time molecular dynamics simulation: a GPU implementation.
Micromachines, 2018, 9(6), 270;

Rafael V Carvalho, Fons J Verbeek, Clarimar J. Coelho (2018)
Bio-Modelling using Petri Nets: a Computational Approach.
In: Theoretical and Applied Aspects of Systems Biology (Eds. Fabricio Alves Barbosa da Silva, Nicolas Carels, Floriano Paes Silva Junior). Springer, 2018.

Stork L., Weber, A,. Gasso Miracle, E., Verbeek, FJ., Plaat, A., van den Herik, HJ., Wolstencroft, K.(2018)
Semantic Annotation of Natural History Collections.
Journal of Web Semantics 59, 100462

Stork L., Weber, A,. van den Herik, HJ., Plaat, A., Verbeek, FJ., Wolstencroft, K. (2018)
From Historical Handwritten Manuscripts to Linked Data..
In: Proc. TPDL 2018 - 22nd Int.Conf.on Theory and Practice of Digital Libraries.
LNCS Vol, Springer (In Press)

Tang, X., Lamers, GEM., Verbeek, FJ. (2018)
3D Image Quality Improvement for Optical Projection Tomography via Point Spread Function Modelling
In: Proc. Imaging and Applied Optics 2018 (3D, AO, AIO, COSI, DH, IS, LACSEA, LS&C, MATH, pcAOP)
OSA Technical Digest (Optical Society of America, 2018), paper 3W5G.5.

H. Schraffenberger (2018)
Arguable augmented Reality, relationships between the virtual and the real.
PhD Thesis, Leiden University (November 2018)

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Helwerda,L., Niessink,F., Verbeek, FJ. (2017)
Conceptual process models and quantitative analysis of classification problems in Scrum software development practices.
In: Proc. 9th Int. Joint Conference on Knowledge Discovery, Knowledge Engineering and Knowledge Management (IC3K KDIR), Madeira

Guo Y., van Wijk R.C., Krekels E.H.J., Spaink, H.P., van der Graaf P.H., Verbeek F.J. (2017)
Multi-modal 3D reconstruction and measurements of zebrafish larvae and its organs using axial-view microscopy.
In: Proc. IEEE International Conference on Image Processing (ICIP), 2017 pp.

Guo Y., Zhang Y., Verbeek F.J. (2017)
A two-phase 3D reconstruction approach for light microscopy axial-view imaging.
IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Signal Processing, Vol 11, 7, pp 1034-1046

Guo, Y. Veneman, W., Spaink, H.P., Verbeek. F.J. (2017)
3D reconstruction and measurements of zebrafish larvae from High-throughput axial-view in vivo imaging
BioMedical Optics Express 8(5): 2611-2634

Tang, X., van der Zwaan, D.M., Zammit, A., Rietveld, K.D.F., Verbeek, F.J. (2017)
Fast Post-Processing Pipeline for Optical Projection Tomography.
IEEE Trans. Nanobioscience, vol. 16, no. 5, pp. 367-374

Alkemade, R., Verbeek, F.J., Lukosch S. (2017)
On the efficiency of a VR hand gesture based interface for 3D object manipulations in conceptual design
International Journal of Human-Computer Interaction. DOI 10.1080/10447318.2017.1296974

F. Cai (2017)
Fuzzy Systems and Unsupervised Computing. Exploration of Applications in Biology
PhD Thesis, Leiden University (December 2017)

Y. Guo (2017)
Shape Analysis For Phenotype Characterisation from High-Throughput Imaging.
PhD Thesis, Leiden University (October 2017)

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Tang, X., van't Hoff, M., Hoogenboom, J., Guo, Y., Cai, F., Lamers, GEM., Verbeek, FJ (2016)
Fluorescence and Bright-field 3D Image Fusion Based on Sinogram Unification for Optical Projection Tomography.
In: Proceedings IEEE International Conference on Bioinformatics and Biomedicine (BIBM 2016), 403-410

Cai, F., Verbeek, FJ, (2016)
Rough Fuzzy C-means and Particle Swarm Optimization Hybridized Method for Information Clustering Problem
J. of communication 11(12): 1106-1113

Cai, F., Liu, S., ten. Dijke, P., Verbeek FJ. (2016)
Image Analysis and Pattern Extraction of Proteins Classes from One-Dimensional Gels Electrophoresis
Int. J. of Bioscience, Biochemistry and Bioinformatics (JBBB), In Press

Teernstra, L., van der Putten, P.W.H., Noordegraaf-Eelens, L., Verbeek F.J. (2016)
The Morality Machine: Tracking Moral Values in Tweets.
In: Boström H., Knobbe A., Soares C., Papapetrou P. (Eds.) Advances in Intelligent Data Analysis XV. no. 9897 Cham: Springer International Publishing. 26-37.Proceedings IDA 2016, LNCS

Fokkelman, M., Balcioglu, H.E., Klip, J.E., Yan, K., Verbeek, F.J., Danen, E.J.H., van de Water B. (2016)
Cellular adhesome screen identifies critical modulators of focal adhesion dynamics, cellular traction forces and cell migration behaviour
Scientific Reports 6, Article number: 31707 (2016), doi:10.1038/srep31707

Cai F., Wang H., Tang X., Emmerich M., Verbeek F.J. (2016)
Fuzzy criteria in multi-objective feature selection for unsupervised learning.
Procedia Computer Science - Elsevier, 102:51-58

Gómez Maureira, M.A., Verbeek F.J. (2016)
The Impact of Co-Located Play on Social Presence and Game Experience in a VR Game.
In: Proceedings of the First International Joint Conference of DiGRA and FDG. no. 13: Digital Games Research Association and Society for the Advancement of the Science of Digital Games.

Schomaker, L., Weber, A., Thijssen, M., Heerlien, M., Plaat, A., Nijssen, S., Verbeek F.J.,
Lew, M.,Gasso Micacle, E., Wolstencroft K., Suyver, E., Verheij, B., Wiering M., Dekker M.,
Kok, J., Roberts L., van den Herik, J.(2016)
Making Sense of Illustrated Handwritten Archives
Digital Humanities Eds(Maciej Eder, Jan Rybicki), Krakow 2016, pp 674 - 676.

Cao L., de Graauw M. , Yan K., Winkel L., Verbeek F.J. (2016)
Hierarchical classification strategy for Phenotype extraction from epidermal growth factor receptor endocytosis screening
BMC BioInformatics, 2016, 17:196, DOI 10.1186/s12859-016-1053-2

Larios Vargas E., Xia Z., Slob J., Verbeek F.J. (2016)
A semantic-based metadata validation for an automated High-Throughput Screening workflow:
Case study in CytomicsDB
In: Proceedings IWBIO 2016, Granada, Spain, Eds (Ortuño, F., Rojas, I)
Lecture Notes in BioInformatics, Spinger, Heidelberg, pp 557-572

Xiong, Z., Verbeek, F.J. (2016)
Segmentation of Zebrafish Larvae Inhomogeneous 3DImages Using the Level-Set Method.
In Proceedings SPIE Electronic Imaging 2016, San Fransisco CA, USA (In Press).

M. Tleis (2016)
Objective Analsyis and Phenotype Characterization for Image-Based Gene expression in Yeast Cells.
PhD Thesis, Leiden University (July 2016)

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Bertens, L.M.F, Kleijn, J., Hille, S.C., Heiner, M., Koutny, M., Verbeek, F.J. (2015)
Modeling biological gradient formation: combining partial differential equations and Petri nets.
Natural Computing pp 1-11, DOI 10.1007/s11047-015-9531-4

Guo, Y, Veneman W., Spaink, H.P., Verbeek F.J. (2015)
Silhouette-based 3D Model for Zebrafish High-throughput Imaging.
In Proceedings Int. Conf. Image Processing Theory, Tools and Applications (eds.),
November 2015 Orleans, France. pp 403-408

Tleis, M., Verbeek, F.J. (2015)
Contour Expansion Algorithm Preprocessed by Hough Transform and Circular Shortest Path for Ovoid Objects.
In Proceedings Int. Conf. Image Processing Theory, Tools and Applications (eds.),
November 2015 Orleans, France. (In Press)

Cai, F., Verbeek, F.J. (2015)
Dam-based Rolling Ball with Fuzzy-Rough Constraints, a New Background Subtraction Algorithm for Image Analysis in Microscopy.
In Proceedings Int. Conf. Image Processing Theory, Tools and Applications (eds.),
November 2015 Orleans, France. (In Press)

Tleis, M., Verbeek, F.J. (2015)
Machine Learning approach to discriminate Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast cells using sophisticated image features.
Journal of integrative bioinformatics 12(3), 276(2015)

Tleis, M., Verbeek, F.J. (2015)
Machine Learning approach to segment Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast cells.
In Proceedings Int. Conf. on Advances in BioMedical Engineering 2015 (ICABME 2015),
September 2015 Beirut, Lebanon. (In Press)

Carvalho R.V.,van den Heuvel J., Kleijn H.M., Verbeek F.J.(2015)
Coupling of Petri Net Models of the Mycobacterial Infection Process and Innate Immune Response.
Computation 2015, 3(2), 150-176; doi:10.3390/computation3020150

Coelho Camargo J., Verbeek FJ. (2015)
Pointing task evaluation of gestural interface interaction in 3D environment.
IADIS International Journal on WWW/Internet, Vol. 12, No.1, pp 113-130.

E. Larios Vargas (2015)
Design and development of a comprehensive data management platform for Cytomics, CytomicsDB. PhD Thesis, Leiden University (November 2015)

Viana de Carvalho, R. (2015)
Computational Modeling of Mycobacterium Infection and Innate Immune Response in Zebrafish.
PhD Thesis, Leiden University (October 2015).

2014 Top of page.

Slob J. Verbeek FJ. (2014)
Imaging Ontology, contributing to "reasonable" semantics for biomedical repositories.
In: Proceedings of the 6th International Symposium on Semantic Mining in Biomedicine (SMBM 2014).
Eds (Bodenreider, Olivier; Oliveira, José Luis; Rinaldi, Fabio), Aveiro; pp 33-37, 2014
Zurich Open Repository and Archive (

Erica L Benard, Peter I Racz, Julien Rougeot, Alexander E Nezhinsky, Fons J Verbeek, Herman P Spaink, Annemarie H Meijer (2014)
Macrophage-Expressed Perforins Mpeg1 and Mpeg1.2 Have an Anti-Bacterial Function in Zebrafish.
Journal of Innate Immunity (DOI: 10.1159/000366103)2014

Zi Di, Maarten J D Klop, Vasiliki-Maria Rogkoti, Sylvia E Le Dévédec, Bob van de Water, Fons J Verbeek, Leo S Price, John H N Meerman (2014)
Ultra High Content Image Anlysis and Phenotype Profiling of 3D Cultured Micro-Tissues.
PLoS ONE 01/2014; 9(10)

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The Leap Motion Controller in a 3D Virtual Environment: explorations and evaluations of pointing tasks.
Proc. Int Conf. Interfaces and Human Computer Interaction (IHCI 2014), Lisbon Portugal

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CytomicsDB: A Metadata-Based Storage and Retrieval Approach for High–Throughput Screening Experiments/
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Underlying molecular mechanisms of DIO2 susceptibility in symptomatic osteoarthritis.
Annals of Rheumatic Diseases 2014 (Apr 2. doi: 10.1136/annrheumdis-2013-204739)

Cao L.
Biological Model Representation and Analysis.
PhD Thesis, Leiden University (November 2014)

2013 Top of page.

Lamers M.H., Verbeek F.J., van der Putten P.H.W.(2013)
Tinkering in Scientific Education.
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Image analysis platform for yeast biologists.
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Nature inspired phenotype analysis with 3D model representation optimization.
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Annexin A2 depletion delays EGFR endocytic trafficking via cofilin activation and enhances EGFR signaling and metastasis formation.
Oncogene, 2013 Jun 24. doi: 10.1038/onc.2013.21

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Playfull Interfaces for Scientific Image data
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