Imaging & BioInformatics Members

The group is part of the Imaging Section of the Leiden Institute for Advanced Computer Science. The group started in spring 2003. From that moment on, a variety projects in correspondence with the research framework of the group have been started (and completed).
Projects concern both PhD projects and student projects. The PhD projects fit in national "grant" programs and are in some cases part of collaborations with large consortia. The most is important programs that we currently get support from are: Bio-Molecular Informatics (NWO), Cyttron (BSIK) and BioRange (BSIK). Detailed information on these projects can be found in the project section. The PhD students involved in these projects can be found in the Current-Members section with a reference to the project they are involved in. In this section you can also find the support staff to the projects.

The student project concern master thesis project as well as special and bachelor projects. An anthology of projects currently ongoing and recently completed can be found in the student-member section. Students involved in the projects are enrolled in either the computer science, the bio-informatics or the media technology masters program of LIACS. Next to the computer science oriented students, also students from other institutes have found their way to the group. From the student-member section you may also get acquinted with some results of their projects. Any enquiry on the projects should be directed directly to the research group.

Former group members and the projects they have been involved in can be found in the former-member section. Here former employees as well as student members are listed in chonological sequence.