3D Imaging and Reconstruction

3D Imaging of plan parallel slices is the source of many 3D visualizations. It helps to convey ideas and it allows to do measurements. We have developed a number of methods for the processing of 3D images or 3D image sets to models. The atlas of zebrafish development and CLSM imaging of patterns of gene expression are examples thereof. Other examples can be found in the Gallery section.

Image Acquisition

Starting from serial sections requires a well developed method for the workflow of image acquisition. We have developed a workflow and incorparated this in a dedicated set up and database. For more information go to the acquisition section and the publications section.

Software for 3D reconstruction

3D reconstruction from serial sections is much used for 3D imaging in developmental biology and microscopical anatomy. From workflow and "legacy" software we have redesigned the 3D modelling process. New software for 3D reconstruction has resulted: TDR-3DBase. This software supports multiple geometrical representations. Detailed information is given in the TDR-3Dbase section in the publications section.

3D imaging

Working with 3D images requires to develop 3D image processing algorithms and measurements. From an application in a typical microscopy modality generalizations are considered.