Imaging & BioInformatics Members

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Group Members
Groupleader Image Analysis and BioInformatics
Monique Welten
grad. nov. 2007
PhD Student Spatio Temporal analysis of Patterns of Gene Expression: Data collection In Situ Hybridisation
Joost Broekens
grad. dec. 2007
PhD Student Computational modelling of emotions & computational aspects of cognitive modelling
Yun Bei
left mrt. 2008
PhD Student Cyttron Project; Virtual Microscope and Common visualization platform
Mounia Belmamoune
grad. nov. 2009
PhD Student Spatio-Temporal analysis of Patterns of Gene Expression: Databases and  Mapping
Julia Dmtrieva
grad. sept 2011
PhD Student Content Management System & Design BioTune
BioRange: Integrative BioInformatics
Peng Yang
left sept. 2011
PhD Student Spatio-Temporal analysis; Databases -
Yanju Zhang
grad. nov. 2011
PhD Student BioRange: Collaborative Information Structuring
Heterogeneous Information Analysis.
Floris J. Sicking Programmer, Developer BigGRID & Databases.
Kuan Yan PhD Student BioRange: Collaborative Information Structuring,
siRNA Screens & Image Sequence analysis.
Alexander Nezhinsky PhD Student SmartMix, High Troughput Tools for Zebrafish analysis
Amalia Kallergi PhD Student Cyttron; Datbase development, Data Interaction
Laura Bertens PhD Student Spatio temporal Analysis and 3D modelling
Dome Potikanond PhD Student Analysis and Visualization of BioInformatics data
Joris Slob PhD Student Cyttron database development.
Zi Di PhD Student LACDR -Toxicology; Image Analysis  
Lu Cao PhD Student Image Analysis & 3D modelling  
Rafael Carvalho PhD Student Image Analysis & 3D modelling  
Enrique Larios PhD Student Image Databases & Modeling  
Irene Martorelli Erasmus Image Analysis for developmental staging  
Mohammed Tlais PhD Student Image analysis  
Mouhammd Alkasassbeh PostDoc Image analysis, GPU  

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