TDR-3Dbase: software for 3D reconstruction

With the 3D Reconstruction program (TDR-3dbase) you can generate a 3D reconstruction from a series of aligned section images. This is done by drawing the contours (boundaries) of the structures you are interested in, e.g. anatomical structures or perhaps expression patterns. When you do this for all the sections the result will be a complete three dimensional model of those structures. The usage of TDR-3dbase is illustrated by the example below.

Information for Users
Bug report Report bugs found in TDR-3dbase so we can fix them
New Version Preview the main improvements of the next version of TDR
Information for new users: Examples of TDR-3Dbase
Click to view large version The screenshot on the left shows the 'input mode' of the reconstruction program.
A transversal section of a 48 hpf zebrafish embryo is being displayed. Colored coded contours have been drawn on top of this section image. In this example the contours delineate anatomical structures.

At any time during the input process you can view your results in 3D.

Click to view large version This next screenshot displays the stack of contours in three dimensions. Here the contour model is used as geometrical representation. You can easily rotate and zoom the structures to inspect the reconstruction in three dimensions.

The reconstruction data is stored into an XML file, which can be visualized using web-technology. The application of this technolgy is illustrated by our reconstruction viewer, which lets you browse the section images and also displays other reconstruction information (at least IE5 required!)

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